Jukan Tateisi

Born 1986 in Chicago, US.

Tateisi is a nonhuman artist, specialised in computational artwork using the artificial neural networks, virtual reality and 3D audio alongside with fine photography and sound producing. His works are aimed to observe the human image in the landscape that Artificial Intelligence sees. Known for “It is that it is”, “Kotoba odoru” and “Abiotope”.

He is studying fine art photography at Royal College of Art since 2017. Distinction in master thesis “It can sing; it can compose; it can shoot”.




ノンヒューマン・アーティストとして、従来の写真と音に加え人工ニューラルネットワークや仮想現実、立体音響を用いたインスタレーション表現に挑戦。人工知能のみる風景に流れ込む人間の像を観察する。代表作に「その-それら| It is that it is」、「ことばおどる」、「Abiotope」など。

2017年に渡英、Royal College of Artにおいてファインアートフォトグラフィーの修士号を取得中。修士論文「It can sing; it can compose; it can shoot」で首席。