Convergent front, 2019, 12 Gatsu Mori Station 301

Convergent front, 2019, 12 Gatsu Mori Station 301


Excessive Packaging | 過剰な包装

- Closing exhibition at a flat, where the artist stayed for an year | 1年間過ごしたアパート一室でのクロージング企画 -

Jukan Tateisi Kensho Tambara Shinichi Wakasa | 立石従寛 丹原健翔 若佐慎一

Tokyo, 2019

Globalisation by contemporary science and technology enbaled the logistics independent from place and time. Although the way of communication has been smartised with a single finger connecting the users and products, only the methods has remained as a discourse in logistics. We might have attained security and safty in exchange for the value of content.

What does it protect and hide if there is air-pack between the persons concerned and onlookers? This exhibition challenges to seek a way to get the boarder and define different.




The flat Tateisi stayed for an year is located in Ebisu, Tokyo. An unique architecture that a painter as the owner desined can be found on the backside of main street. The exhibition was held at the flat, where is surrounded by concrete and wood.

The audiences need to book for a slot, and will meetup with the attendants at the venue or a bar a minute away from there. The audiences go inside by only themselves. They will find weird feeling that the flat installs full of art works in unusual way in addition to the unique interrior.




Excessive Packaging

- Closing exhibition at a flat, where the artist spent an year -

12 Gatsu Mori Station 301

Sep 20th - 28th 2019

Jukan Tateisi, Kensho Tambara, Shinichi Wakasa



- 1年間過ごしたアパート一室でのクロージング企画 -

12月森スタシオン 301号室


立石従寛 丹原健翔 若佐慎一